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Oil & Gas Extraction

Nickel alloys provide heat and corrosion-resistant solutions for onshore and offshore extraction. Nickel based alloys from ranges stocked by Nickel Piping Products are ideal for cost-effective manufacture of pumps, valves and process control equipment, in addition to extraction and processing.

Aerospace Engineering

Nickel Alloys are widely used in the aerospace industry due to their resistance to oxidation and corrosion and strong performance under high stress conditions. Many of the alloys stocked by Nickel Piping Products are proven to reduce your long range costs by providing reliable and durable solutions for the Aerospace Industry.

Chemical & Process Industries

These industries require high-performance, high-grade alloys which can withstand being subjected to the highest levels of chemical and processing abuse. Nickel alloys are known for their resistance to corrosion and fatigue in conditions presenting high temperatures and caustic media. Nickel Piping Products supplies many alloys, which are chosen for their corrosion-resistant properties in process applications, and are ideal for heat exchangers, furnaces, piping, pumps and valves.

Marine Engineering

Nickel-based alloys are oxidation and corrosion resistant and well-suited for service in extreme environments presented in the marine industry. Sea water applications use nickel alloys for offshore platforms, as well as in power and process plants that use seawater as coolant. Other uses include wire rope, propeller blades, propulsion motors and sheathing for undersea communication cables. Known for their ability to withstand severe conditions, our alloys are proven to reduce long range costs by providing reliable and durable solutions for the marine industry.

Power Generation

An outstanding balance of strength, temperature, and defect tolerance characteristics makes ranges of Nickel Piping Product’s stock ideal in a wide range of power generation applications. Excellent mechanical properties at extremely low and extremely high temperatures, in addition to outstanding resistance to pitting and corrosion has led nickel-based alloys be used in stressful applications presented by the power generation industry including components such as discs, shafts and blades, tanks, piping, heat exchangers, pumps and valves.

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